Grubb Ventures LLC.
Grubb Ventures LLC.
Grubb Ventures LLC.

Dock 1053

A Space to Explore Your Passion

1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27604

DOCK 1053 is a creative community for makers, entrepreneurs, artisans, retailers and forward thinkers. It’s what happened when creativity and vision transformed a run-down 1950’s A&P Warehouse into the coolest space in Raleigh. Located at the doorstep of Raleigh’s Five Points, Person Street, and Mordecai neighborhoods, this is a place where locals and visitors alike can enjoy new experiences in an old way. We seek the curious and creative from all walks to eat, learn, shop, make and collaborate in an effort to add even more salt to this flavorful city we call Raleigh.

In its simplest form, Dock 1053 offers warehouse, manufacturing, office and retail space in a location convenient to both downtown and midtown Raleigh. Tenants include Glas, Hummingbird, I2m, Loading Dock Raleigh, Lynwood Brewing Concern, Mister Pompadour, Murphy’s Naturals, Photofy, Pinetop Distillery, Posh Nosh Catering, Stephenson’s Millwork, Trig Modern, Whitaker & Atlantic, and Wilson’s Eatery.

Dock 1053 is digging up tradition by encouraging our community to partner with local tradesmen to grow their business, expand their skill set, and hone their passion.

For leasing information contact:

McKenzie Wilson